As a savvy business owner, it’s important to use email marketing. The benefits of Email Marketing almost sound too good to be true – a 4300% ROI for starters! This article will guide you through the first step – how to build your email marketing subscriber list.

Welcome to another video in our taking care of business series. In this video we’ll look at the commonly asked question “Should I buy a holiday home?” Then we’ll examine some of the positives and negatives, so that you can make the right decision.

Welcome to another video in our ‘Taking Care of Business’ series. In this video  - I’m going to explore the major changes to superannuation, effective from the 1/7/17. Let me say right up-front, these changes are significant and everyone’s situation is different, so this video is general in nature and you should seek professional advice before taking action.  Let’s examine some of the key changes starting with;

Over the past five years, claims for uniform and laundry tax deductions have increased. The ATO had sat up and take notice. The ATO AC, Kath Anderson has stated that too many taxpayers’ beliefs around how to claim clothing deductions are wrong. Here, we provide helpful advice and tactics to ensure you're getting your tax deductions right.

You might be surprised to know the range of assets you can actually finance. While cars, trucks and equipment are items commonly financed, it is possible to finance boats, buses, planes, computers, dental chairs and office fit outs.