Google Review Cheat Sheet

We Get It— Asking for Google reviews can be super awkward. But you need Google reviews to build trust with future clients. You'll also help your business get listed in the top of Google when people searching  in your area.  Remember, the first thing most people do when looking for help is to search Google to see what others have to say about you.  If you have no reviews or only a few and your competitors have dozens of reveiws and a five star rating, who do you think they aare going to call first? Your competitors!  So, if  you want to get a constant steam of new clients and patients you neeed to set up a system on how to get reviews . Here’s how to start...

Step #1: Create a Google My Business Account

If you don’t have a Google My Business account, create one now! While you’re at it, add photos of your premisises and team. People like to see smiling faces! Make sure your business name, hours, phone number, website address, and location are all accurate.

Step #2: Create A Review Link For Clients

Make it easy for clients to leave you a review! Follow these instructions to create an instant Google Review link, and then text or email the link to patients!  All they have to do is click and type their review.

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. To find your review link select  Ask for reviews.
  3. Voila! Now text and email this link to your clients!

Step #3: Choose The Right Moment

It’s important to choose the right time to ask for a review! We recommend you ask for a Google review once your client starts seeing  results. Consider creating a poster or rack card with a QR that your client can scan and easily leave a Google Review.  Like the saying goes,  "ask and you shall receive". But remember,  its always how you ask. For example..

Delighted Client : [sings your praises]

You: That's great to hear. We really try our best to [do what you’re being praised for]. And thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback.

Client For sure, thank you!

You: You know, if you could write what you just said in a review on Google Reviews, that would be awesome. Those kinds of comments really help people  to feel more confident in choosing us.

Client: Sure!

You: Would it be okay if I send you a link, so that you can do that?

Or you could  simply ask them ...

You:  Can I ask you a small favour? If you are happy with our services  and you think we deserve it, can I ask you to give us a Google Review?  

Most people feel awkward asking,  but remember when you do something for the first time, it's always  going to feel awkward, So the more you ask, the less awkward you will feel and the more Google reviews you will receive!

Step #4 : Ask Every Client These Questions

Some clients don’t know what kind of review to leave. But when you ask these questions, you’ll get powerful, personal Google reviews. “What problem were you facing before you came to us? “How did those problems make you feel?” “What changed after engaging our services?”  "What's it been like dealing with our team"?  

Step #5 : Make Getting Reviews A Game For Your Team

Have fun with review generation! Train your team on how to ask for reviews by asking the questions mentioned in the last step, then kickstart a competition. If the team collectively gets a certain number of reviews—it’s gold class movie rewards time! So get going!  One of our clients Northwest Physiotheraphy Group  has built their  reviews from scratch to 175 reveiws,  just from simply asking their patients. Plus now they have a 5 star rating and  currently rate in the top 3 search in their area. You can do the same!  By the way, I can highly recommend them because they give awesome service and are a great bunch of people who truely care about their patients!

To maximise the potential benefits of getting Google reviews for your business , arrange a chat with one of our expert team members.