Client Testimonials

Being a professional services firm, referrals are the lifeblood of our business. Below are excerpts of what clients have to say about our firm.

"I first met Chris at a presentation called “The Money Game”. While inspiration, aspiration and effort are very important to a business, it is also important to know how to manage the outcome of the fruits of your labours. This presentation changed the way I looked at managing money. Chris has consistently provided me with another way of looking at a situation, which would lead to a better outcome, legally. I’m confident he could do the same for you." Dr Patrick Hannan - Ocean Orthodontics - Warana, Qld

"I have had my business with Chris and his team for the last 14 years, after running my own business for 39 years. I must say that this has been the best accounting relationship I have had, Any questions I have regarding my accounts or business decisions I wish to make, that I pass by Chris are answered in a timely and professional manner, it feels like Tolevsky partners are part of my team. I could not recommend them more highly." David McLeod - Healthwise Clinic - Brisbane, Qld

“There are two types of accountants for business owners to consider, technical ones and strategic ones. Having consulted to hundreds of small business owners and written 3 books I can share with you that having a technical accountant looking after your accounts is 100% useless if you are following the wrong strategy in the first place. Chris is a Strategic Accountant that focuses on your strategy first and then follows through with the right technical aspects. It's why Chris has been my accountant for over 20 years and is more affordable than you think, especially when you realise how much money you have given away unknowingly through poor advice.”  George Bakrnchev - Red Day Coaching - Qld

"Chris is fantastic at not just compliance but forward looking strategies for building wealth. He is approachable and very knowledgeable and always happy to help."   Michael Chen - Ophthalmologist, Vic

"Chris Tolevsky and his team have provided business and accounting support to our practice, and to me personally, for many years now. Chris or one of his staff are always available and respond with a quick turn-around for any of our concerns, no matter how small.

Chris’s professional, accounting and taxation advice has contributed immensely to the efficiency and success of our business over this time. It is very reassuring to have Chris’s expertise and experience supporting our business – he is an integral member of our professional support team". Dr David Campbell - Medical Practitioner - Vic

"I highly recommend using Tolevsky Partners because they take the time to understand how my business functions. Thanks to Chris and the team for continually providing me with great ideas to improve the profitability of my business". Trevor Gilliland - Solicitor - Qld

"I have been a client of Chris for more than 25 years and he still amazes me with his enthusiasm and passion. He embraces modern trends and his advice is always on the mark. This is a man who is at the top of his game and at the peak of his career!" Ross Jeffery - Medical Practitioner - Vic

"Chris gave me good financial and marketing advice over 20 years ago when I started my own business. He is still as enthusiastic and proactive and always keeping me up to date on ways to grow my business and prepare for future changes. Thanks to all the team for good advice and responding to any queries promptly", Jane Over - Optometrist - Vic

"Chris Tolevsky is an energetic, passionate and creative business man, not only an accountant. His approach and concepts with respect to property investment, asset protection and tax minimisation/planning as well as superannuation are nothing short of brilliant! Chris is genuinely interested in insuring his clients exceed in life. He leads by example and is committed to assisting us avoid FTI! Inspirational Chris!!! " Graham Nelson – Physiotherapist, Vic

"I have been using Chris and his team now for many years and certainly appreciate his advice and wisdom. He is great to deal with and gives a holistic approach to wealth creation... not just accounting. His team is awesome, friendly and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."  Chris Skehan - The Big Picture AV - Toowoomba, Qld

"From our first meeting together, Chris and Fiona were so professional, helpful and reassuring. The team responds to queries very quickly and gives personalized advice every time. My husband and I were in disarray when we came to Chris, but we left that initial meeting feeling like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders and that we were now on the right path. Could not recommend highly enough!" Jim & Michelle Koss - Melbourne, Vic

"The team at Tolevsky have been invaluable for setting up and running my own business. My questions are answered promptly and I've found the team to be genuine in finding the best outcomes for me!" Melina Kelsey - Melbourne, Vic

"The ongoing support and guidance that Chris and his team are giving me has helped take my business to new heights, its fantastic - many thanks Chris!"   Margaret Cutajar - Manufacturer, Vic

"Chris and the Team have always provided a great support for us over the phone and with their pre-tax planning advice. We are very thankful to have had them as part of our team for the past 7 years!! "   Sarah Daly - Doors/Gates & Security Services, Qld

"I can call anytime with accounting or business questions and Chris and his team will always make time for me and provide practical advice and solutions. "  ENT on the Bay, Vic,

"We find Chris and Fiona extremely helpful with our business. They are innovative and knowledgeable, but also very approachable. Such great reliable people to deal with."   Bernice Kaukiainen - Earthmoving, Qld

"Chris and the team are amazing and have such a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. Always available and have been very helpful first while an employee and now as a small business owner!"  Robbie Fiorini - Children Sports Programs, Vic

"Accounting advice that is second to none. After 6 years, we still have complete confidence in Chris and the team at Tolevsky Partners!"  Cristie Quail - Construction, Qld

"Chris Tolevsky is not your average Accountant. He understands business like no other I've ever met. What do you want in an Accountant, a proactive one and that is what Chris is.. Along with the support team Tolevsky Partners will meet all your expectations and then some. My business has so improved since meeting this firm" Sharen McDonald- Xero Consultant - Vic

"We use Tolevsky Partners to support our goals and guide our strategy to ensure we stay realistic and that we address all of our challenges with the best solutions possible. Chris and Fiona build our confidence in ourselves which makes running our business more enjoyable. We appreciate your support over the many years" Ben Cutajar - Manufacturer - Vic

"Chris Tolevsky is an enthusiastic, passionate and creative business man, not only an accountant. His approach and concepts with respect to property investment, asset protection and tax minimisation/planning as well as superannuation are innovative and effective. Chris is genuinely interested and committed to ensuring his clients exceed in life. We have been clients of Chris for over 12 years now and his advice and guidance has always been spot on. He leads by example and we have a lot of trust in him and his team. Thank you Chris,for all your hard work and support!" Graham Nelson - Physiotherapist - Vic

"Chris Tolevsky and his team help me achieve success in my business with their pro-active, timely and professional advice and support" Peter Griffin - Solicitor - NSW

"A great team providing results oriented advice... exactly what we need! Thanks Chris" Sheldon Schultz - Optometrist - Qld

"We have recently become clients of Chris and the team at Tolevsky Partners and couldn't be happier. We were disenchanted paying good money for accountants to prepare our end of year financials with minimal financial guidance throughout the year. It seemed as though we were coming up with the ideas, not the other way around.

This couldn't be less true of Chris and the team at Tolevsky Partners. They are professional, reliable and proactive! Chris understands business and unlike most accountants, actually guides you on the process of improving not only your personal finances, but your business finances and profitability. Nothing is too much of a problem and I love knowing that I have a fixed price service. Thanks Tolevsky Partners" Craig Steele - Physiotherapist -NSW

"Chris and the team at Tolevsky Partners lead by example by giving my business simple effective ideas and strategies that i am able to implement into my business. The conversations with Chris are always motivating and just make good sense. The follow up and support is brilliant and helps me to really focus back on my business and not sweat the small stuff" Shane Gilroy - Natural Therapist - Qld

"Chris and the team are excellent, they really understand what it is we are trying to achieve and provide us with numerous options to achieve our stated objectives" Jure Brkan - IT Consultant - Vic

"Chris and his team at Tolevsky Partners have been great both my business and personally. He is innovative, well informed and always approachable. Tolevsky Partners is a wonderful asset and support for any new or established business that values excellent advice and a mindset for success based on sound financial principles. Getting on board with Tolevsky Partners has been one the best decisions we have made at Northwest Physiotherapy Group. Thanks Chris, Fiona and Michelle" Russell Visser - Physiotherapist - Vic

"Chris Tolevsky and his team have changed our lives. Chris is incredibly motivating with his ideas to improve our business and plan our future. We were extremely lucky to have friends who are using Chris and they in turn mentioned him to us. Thank you so much" Leisa Klingbiel - Business Owner - NSW

"Chris Tolevsky and the whole team are amazing. Chris is down to earth, easy to talk to and easy to understand. He gets things done and has always given us the very best advice, never letting us down."
-Elaine and Peter Arnold - Termite Doctors Qld

"Chris and his team have changed the identity of accountants, he has an innovative operation, that helps all types of businesses grow. He actually cares about your marketing, your website, all the aspects of your business to maximise your business potential. He is not just a number cruncher, he is a marketing guru, designing platforms to take your business to new levels. Give him a call, I did, and I am grateful for the turn around my business is now making. Thank you to Chris and the Tolevsky Partners team for all your help"Angus St Claire - Plumber - NSW

"I have known Chris for over 20 years, he can make what's difficult very simply. Over the years he has transformed his practice to suit his lifestyle, and he is always willing to share his ideas. His business strategies and philosophies have been very beneficial in our business. The more I discuss my business with him, the more I find areas to improve" Tony Rulli - Financial Planner - Vic

"If you're looking for pretty standard, basic accounting support with little interaction from your accountant and a surprise horror bill at the end of the financial year for work you're not sure they did, then don't use Tolevsky Partners.

These guys are NOT your normal accounting practice. They're simply brilliant!!! Proactively working for you and your business, thinking outside of the square with certainty of cost is just part of the awesome service these guys provide. Seriously, they will transform what you think of the service an accountant can provide. Chris and his team are a delight to work with and have made an enormous contribution to the success and well being of our business.

They not only work with you for tax planning, but provide an invaluable additional resource and assistance in the management of your business. And most times, the services they provide are initiated by them! Imagine that, an accountant who calls you before you call them! We simply couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thanks - Chris, Fiona, Michelle and the team at Tolevsky Partners. We couldn't do without you" Clinton & Tracey Hayes - Naturopaths & Retailers - NSW

"I've known Chris and his company for more than 15 years, I have never in those years had a problem where my questions have never been answered or looked after. I have always been given professional advise and even when Chris wasn't able to give me the answers I needed he will always put me onto someone that can.

I definitely have no reservations in recommending Chris and his partners to any of my clients or friends. Chris and his staff are always well informed, they understand what it takes to run a successful and profitable business, They always strive to give the right advise. Thanks, Chris and Team, I appreciate all the help you have given me and continue to give me and my business. Keep up the excellent work" Sonia Sonda - Book keeper - Vic

"Tolevsky Partners have given us the tools and resources to grow our practice and produce even better levels of service to our clients.  I now really understand the numbers in my business and where I am headed.   Your team are professional, friendly and approachable and working with them makes all the difference."  Michael Wicks - Optometrists - Vic

"Your services utilise the latest technologies, with ideas that think outside the square or paradigm, but yet remain effective and simple to understand, which places your firm many steps above the rest.
Dealing with your team has made my life much less stressful.   Your advice has led me to invest in high income producing assets.  Your team are professional, prompt and friendly and are highly effective in diagnosing tax and investment issues with straight to the point advice that achieves results!" Paul Mattielli - Investor - Vic

"You have helped us become more efficient and creative in our practice ... working with you has enhanced our quality of life and enabled us to materialize plans. You and your team have always delivered professional excellence, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else ... you are amongst the blessings we count!" Dr. Paul Brown - Psychiatrist - Vic

"Working with you has made an  enormous difference to my practice. Thanks to the changes we have made our team members are much happier, the clients notice this and our turnover is up at least $50,000. The services you provide are excellent and your team are very helpful and offer a completely new approach. As a result of our working together we are much more confident and happy knowing things are going well for us in business."   Dr. Remo Sammassimo Dentist   Vic

"You have made my business far more productive with respect to my attitude, the management of my assets, and my understanding of business management. You have always made my quality of life far better than it would have been without your ever optimistic and supportive outlook. I have trusted your judgements and your advice, and have gained greatly from doing that. Your team is delightful, and they know what they are doing. You have always stayed ahead of the game and provided services in a timely and beneficial manner." Dr. Jane Greacan  Medical Practitioner Vic

"As a result of your Business Development program our practice has grown by $542,000 over the last 18 months. It seemed that not long ago we had taken our practice as far as we could, and Claudia and I were sitting down just lamenting and wishing that someone would actually come and teach us business skills.

As a Royal College of Surgeons trained Plastic Surgeon I believe my surgical training and experience was probably second to none in the world, however despite being able to do all the appropriate operations, look after patients, manage evey aspect of their care no one at any stage had actually taught us what was needed to run our business, which was essentially what we needed to do.

Chris rang excited saying that he had something to talk to us about.  We went out and Chris proposed a plan of how he was going to take our fledgling business and grow it, develop it, mature it with intention of really giving us what we wanted which was not so much the money but rather quality of life particularly as far as the family was concerned.  Chris and his team have exceeded all our expectations. I’d recommend Chris’s program and my most sincere point of testimony is that we are continuing to do so." Craig Rubinstein – Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon – Vic

"We’ve spent lots of years at university training to be optometrists but never received any formal training at running a business.  Working with you has introduced us to areas in growing a business that we were not  even aware of ... as a result our lifestyles have really improved. We don’t have to be at the business as many hours and we can be confident that everything is running smoothly in our absence.

The services you provide are very relevant to optometry. I like the way we can discuss different ideas and choose those that are most specific to our practice. Your team members are friendly and helpful ... your service is excellent and we really appreciate everything you do for us." Jane Over & Giorgio Campanella – Optometrists – Vic

"Since I’ve been working with your team, I have realised that paper work has never been so easy.  You have also make me realise how important it is to be organised and planned. This has enabled me to live a quality lifestyle. I’ve become time efficient and this has enabled me to spend time doing the things I enjoy. Working with your team has been great.  They have always been very prompt and accurate in all that they do for me. Your services are excellent!!!  Keep up the great work, your team can only grow and get better.  Once again, thank -you."  Sam Greco – World Kickboxing Champion – Vic

"I am having a great time absorbing the information that Chris, Fiona and the team have put together. I enjoy that I am about to pay for your services, for I can breath a little easier knowing I am now in good hands to make my business grow, I now have more direction and foundation to work from. No other accountant I have had or heard of does what Tolevsky Partners does, you take an active interest in helping your clients achieve success. I can now focus on this excellent advice and content that you guys have created and I don't have to reinvent the wheel while trying to grow and expand my business. This gives me more time to focus on my clients. So I wanted to share that I appreciate this excellent opportunity to work with you."  Angus St Claire - AJSC Plumbing - NSW

"In the past year we’ve had an astounding 20% increase in turnover.  As a result of your advice I am now working 5 days a week compared to 7 and by the end of the year, I hope to be working only 4 days!
I have found working with your team efficient and effective and the services you provide are excellent."
Meri Bulic – Restaurant owner – Henry’s House – Vic

"Working with you has enabled me to concentrate on my business, without experiencing the constant stress most business owners complain about. You have given me peace of mind where I feel confident to go on holidays several times a year and not worry about my affairs back home.  That’s quality of life!
Your crew has given me a sense of confidence and ease I had not experienced before in business. You continue to make sometimes impossible situations very simple with the solutions you provide.
Your services are unparalleled.  The GST seminars run by your team have put me many steps ahead of other businesses.All I can say Chris, is you’ve bridged the gap of client customer relations and have become a trusting friend.   That is what people are looking for today!  Thank-you and I look forward to working with you."   Harry Foullas – Food Retail Specialist – Vic

"Working with your team has enabled me to be 1000 times more organised ... In the five months of being on your Business Development program we have increased our turnover by at least $164,000.

Our monthly management meeting with you keep us extremely focused which means we know exactly where we are heading and probably the best thing about working with you is that we never feel alone, we always know there’s someone by our side ... we’ve never felt better." Tom Cutajar – CEO – Australian Slimline Trestles – Vic

"Working with you guys is inspirational! Your Business Development Program has kept me focused, organised and aware of where I am going with my business. You have provided me with proven tools and resources to grow my business and improve my lifestyle.  In fact just two weeks after attending one of your business development workshops we were featured in Who Weekly magazine for our awesome level of service! As a result of your training we’re now considered to be the leaders in the Starshots Glamour Photography Franchise!  We really enjoy working with your team and I know that I am on the right track with you guys ... you’re the light at the end of the tunnel." Steve Saporito – Managing Director – Starshots Glamour Photography – Vic


What people have to say about our special events

"MIND BLOWING STUFF!!! I knew a lot of what Chris said. Knowledge I’ve learned over the past 30 years, but he has drawn the threads together and SHOWN me how to do it – how to get from where I am today to where I want to be AND I can see it is achievable. The first half an hour of the seminar was so profound it brought tears to my eyes – I could see the way through. Chris’s down to earth, relaxed and straightforward friendly style is easy to follow.

The BEST manual I have ever seen written in easy to understand language. The best thing for me was – to be shown how I can acquire the real estate portfolio. There has not been one wasted minute. I can use something from every segment. Can we please have another seminar so I can bring my spouse (and hear it all again myself).

I now have a clear step-by-step plan for my financial future. Advice re: right structures in which to operate for maximum tax efficiency. Chris is friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

He is a good communicator. He invites questions and answers patiently and until you understand the answer. Thanks to Chris, I can see a clear path for my financial future. The years ahead will not be just slaving away – I can keep the results. Chris Tolevsky’s 2-day program is probably the most valuable I have attended in 31 years since school. If you have the option of attending only one seminar in your life, this would be it!"  Pippa Colman – Pippa Colman & Associates – Qld

"Chris has shown Elaine and I how we can restructure our business and assets safely, together with a plan we can now use to secure our financial security. Its great to learn from Christopher’s fun but understandable manner. I now understand financial intelligence. We are now in control of our lives by using the business to build our financial basis. I can now map and plan our future." Peter Arnold – Termite Doctors – Qld

"Chris has a very down to earth style of teaching and clarity in his explanations. I intend to engage Chris’s firm as our accountant for our business and personal Taxation and financial structures. That’s if he will have us!!"   Milton Hampe – Qld

"At the risk of sounding like Chris is paying me to write this, I cannot tell you enough, how “life changing” and motivating these past 2 days have been. Chris is an extremely knowledgeable person who obviously enjoys sharing his financial intelligence and experience and wants to see you become financially free. Everything shared was relevant and beneficial. I particularly enjoyed learning about safely building a property portfolio and the potential is only limited by me!" Sharon Bates – D & S Earthworks –  Qld

"Chris’s style of teaching is wonderfully fun and relaxed, it is so easy to grasp his concepts. This program’s value to us is going to be immeasurable… we know where we want to go and Chris has given us the financial intelligence and financial confidence to get there and get there safely.

I loved all the sections… asset protection was incredible and really so simple. The superannuation section opened my eyes to super and SMSF potential. I can’t wait to have my own SMSF. But most importantly for me Chris has shown us how I can achieve my dream of my own home and very creatively a property trust."  Elaine Arnold – Termite Doctors – Qld

"My husband attended the course by himself. He came home excited and because I didn’t understand I started putting water on his fire. Now that I have done the course Pat and I will be creating fireworks together and no amount of water is going to put out our fireworks. I loved it. I understood it and feel I can implement it to our circumstances." Debbie Hannan – Ocean Orthodontics – Buddina – Qld

"To Chris and Fiona – Thanks very much for a very informative, exciting seminar. It seems to bring all the financial education I have gained over the years and put it all together to give me a very usable and relevant framework on which to apply our own situation… and more!! You certainly clarified the advantages of trusts i.e. asset protection and tax planning. Look forward to travelling to Melbourne with Kelvin for the next instalment!" Debbie Heirdsfield – AQF Windows & Doors – Qld

"It was a complete eye opener, fantastic. During the 2 days Chris provided my self and my business partners with a road map to financial freedom/security. Financial intelligence was the cornerstone of Chris’s program. As a result we can see significant gains to be made by restructuring and effectively utilising property investment, tax planning and self managed super fund. Extremely sensible and within the framework of the law approach. Excellent laymans terms, easy to understand. " Jim Carlisle – Buderim – Qld

"This program has turned a light on in so many different areas. I knew it could be done but the dots have never been obvious let alone joined into the big picture. It has already paid for itself." Simon Thomas – The Yard – Qld

"This is what I have been looking for. It is great to see all the topics covered in one seminar! Chris’s energy and enthusiasm keeps it very interesting along the way."Steve Kelso – Keltec Interiors – Qld

"Chris what can I say! I feel like you’ve shown me the “secret handshake” to an exclusive club! Thank you for spending the time to explain the concepts to help me provide for my families future. On behalf of Sonia, Maddy, Riley, & myself Thank you!" Wayne Hutcheson – Ab Fab – Qld

"Chris’s ability to impart a tremendous amount of information in lay terms makes such seminars extremely good value. The program has enabled me to question the performance and products of financial purveyors and give my accountant ideas as to how best to help me. The asset protection and tax minimisation segments were of particular value but it was all of such critical importance and interest as to be almost inseparable." Andy Ross – Lockmaster Locksmiths – Qld

"A much more in depth look at accountants and what they should be focused on (especially with super). I liked asset protection and super  (but generally as a package). I needed to reaffirm my own thought on future direction and how to structure it properly and it did this. Chris to me has presented not just good practices but gives me the comfort that he literally has successfully practiced what he preaches. His presentation is very professional and delivered in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, intimate and interactive group. This program has helped me focus and direct a path for future direction. I look forward to our one-on-one and wish you well with future seminars." Neil Sullivan – Buderim – Qld

"A well presented, informative and extremely great 2-day seminar. A foolproof guide for every day business owners! Loved the SMSF arvo and Tax deductions. Chris has a no holdback attitude – right for today’s’ business clients! Will be spreading the word to fellow business owners!!" Michelle Masterton – Pelican Waters – Qld

"My decision to attend this seminar may have been the one thing in my life (to date) that has provided me with honest, workable solutions to maximise a lifetime of hard work. Thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge so unselfishly and giving me the chance to enrich my life and that of my children."
Robyn Smith – Wurtulla – Qld

"This program has given me the confidence to approach banks on my terms, and to really take control of my financial future. Chris has a straightforward no-nonsense approach that I could understand and implement and backed up with the comprehensive notes. I feel I can make immediate changes to my personal and business financial structure." Ian Hodson – Noosa Heads – Qld

"Chris you have made me aware of a whole new world of finance options available to me. I had no idea of options such as trusts, company trusts, Superannuation. I loved the area of real estate and buying them in trusts and being able to protect them from sticky fingers. As George said it is a total package covering all areas. Chris is a great person down to earth and puts it all in simple terms. It will help take me to a new level feeling in control with a new vision. " Paul Robins – Static Electrics – Qld

"This is an incisive program, which enables you to plan for the future and to protect your existing assets. Property acquisition and superannuation management were very well explained. The program was concise, easy to understand and packaged into an interesting and complete unit enabling me to plan for the future with maximum efficiency." Kit  Carter – Business Owner – Qld

"Chris Tolevsky’s style of teaching is second to none. He has an ability, through his passion, to inspire his audience to achieve great things." Jason Cunningham – Accountant – The Practice – Vic

"Chris has a unique ability to encourage group participation in his seminars, facilitates the learning process for the audience." Robert Hadded – Accountant – The Practice – Vic

"I attend around 15-20 days property and investment seminars per year. None of these including seminars of up to $20,000, has the breadth of content, knowledge and detail that Chris has covered over these 2 days. Even the big named overseas experts pale in comparison to Chris’s intimate knowledge of property, tax and wealth protection." Grant Mason – Optometrist – Vic

"Chris has shown me how to build a very comfortable future. Asset protection and knowing how to secure what I have. It covered things I knew nothing about but things I “needed” to know about. Chris’s style of teaching is always “mind blowing”. It helps to know what has to be done “now” so I don’t FTI!"
Shane Leete – Australian Slimline Trestles – Vic

"I enjoyed the 4 Secrets to Wealth seminar tremendously. Chris is an excellent speaker who shares very valuable information. The seminar was comprehensive and Chris genuinely shared the knowledge he has gained over the years. I was impressed that he had “done it” himself. Changed my mindset from a passive PAYG payer to one where I can take an active role in working towards a financially secure future for my family and myself. "  Russell Visser – Physiotherapist – Vic

"Chris has explained so many things to be more financially independent its fantastic. I feel like I can do anything after these 2 days and look forward to the future. I never thought that I had the scope to achieve financial freedom. Thank you Chris, Fiona & Michelle." Grace Mattielli – Vic

"This program has made me aware of many things that I didn’t know were possible. It has opened my eyes and given me the inspiration to take the next step to becoming financially independent. The whole program forms a complete package the makes it absolutely foolproof to implement. It covers all angles not just 1 or 2 areas, this giving the program 100% credibility. The areas I liked most on taxation, Trusts and super, because I know very little about how trusts and super work to my benefit, if managed properly. My views on super and managed funds have completely changed based on Chris’s information. Chris’s style of teaching was excellent. All topics were explained in much detail, but in a way that everything was so easy to understand. Backed up with a precise, well documented manual the entire program including the comfortable and pleasant function room and Chris’s inspiring presentation made this program a complete package to becoming financially wealthy. The whole 2 days were eye opening, exciting and most of the entire program is worth much more than what was actually charged." Paul Mattielli – Share Market Investor – Vic

"It will allow me to focus on a plan for wealth. I most liked the areas devoted to real estate and super. It has narrowed the road to my target. Chris has a very personal and friendly approach to teaching (well done). Time will tell how this program will help me. I’ll tell you in ten years. Thanks Chris." Mark Bloomcamp – Builder – Vic

"Chris Tolevsky is an energetic, passionate and creative business man, not only an accountant. His approach and concepts with respect to property investment, asset protection and tax minimisation/planning as well as superannuation are nothing short of brilliant! Chris is genuinely interested in insuring his clients exceed in life. He leads by example and is committed to assisting us avoid FTI! Inspirational Chris!!! " Graham Nelson – Physiotherapist – Vic

"Excellent value, money well spent. Chris has opened my eyes to the potential gains in securing a positive future. The most important thing I have learnt from the two days was Asset Protection. Chris has really driven home the idea that no-one is immune to being sued. Chris’s facts and knowledge was very informative. Having such an intimate seminar made it feel like a private session. Too Good!" Claude Sonda – Builder – Vic

"This is an event that truly transforms your life and gives you the direction that you may have been searching for. The knowledge is powerful and the enthusiasm is inspiring from a gifted man" Hayley Stanaway - H M Recruitment - Qld

"You are missing out on so many opportunities if you allow your current accountant to control your future without knowing the things that Chris showed us". Mike Pollard – Light & Effect Designs Qld

"The presentation explained things in an easy to understand way and has prompted me to look at the operation of my business in a different way. It was great! I also felt that Chris, Fiona, George showed a general interest in helping the participants to have better results in life and business". Mark Bray – Bradley & Bray Solicitors Qld

"Chris, you are to be congratulated on the content of this event. The depth of the material, the clear concise and uncomplex delivery made it easy to understand, adopt and apply. “The Money Game” course will, I believe, be beneficial to all who attend – well done!" Peter Valcoe – Win Financial Network Qld

"Why wouldn’t you want to know how to make your home mortgage tax deductible! If you want to set your kids up for life, and alleviate the stress in their lives, check out the SMSF co-contribution strategies. How more simple can buying property be. Wealth protection can’t survive without it." Peter Nipperess – Hot Pippis Restaurant Mooloolaba Qld

"I came to learn how best to build a real estate portfolio and run my self managed super fund better. I got this but so much more from the 2 days. Making me sit down with my husband to plan our finances not just go from day to day saying where does all our money go?" Tracey Wilkins – NCP Bathroom Centres Qld

"Your investment in this seminar will be returned many fold if you only use one or two of his strategies. To really get some traction control on your finances just spend 2 days with Chris. Even if you have started your plan. Chris will help you to make it happen faster and safer." Les Pedler – Computer Trouble Shooters Strathpine Qld

"Thank you for taking the traditionally complex world of business and accounting and making it simple. From what we have learned over the last 2 days we will immediately be able to implement some simple strategies that will help us create wealth. One strategy has paid for this event already!" David Duncan – HDR Workshop Solutions Qld 

"Thank you for simple steps to create wealth and help our business." Anne Duncan – HDR Workshop Solutions Qld

"This is fantastic… This is no way just paid for itself. It will be responsible for my retirement as the course is short and concise. This allows you to “understand” the whys and how’s that you struggle with in everyday activity and forward planning. Take action and thank you!" Rodney Drought – Drought Termite Management Qld

"I’ve listened to you on 2 previous occasions and had a pretty good idea of the potential value of The Money Game. But honestly these two days have given me such “personal power” – I actually know that I can easily create and grow my personal wealth. Thank you both so much, I am ENCOURAGED!!!!" Jo Murray – Hot Pippis Restaurant Mooloolaba

"Eye opener! My investment has been returned many times over with the strategies revealed. Every business owner needs to know there are better ways to run their business. This is provided in a concise and easy to understand way. It is time well invested." Len King – Link Accounting Qld

"Entertaining, inspirational, exciting, but most of all, essential for any business owner." Dean Munro – Dean Munro Recruiting Qld

"Best 2 days I have spent away from my business in order to allow my business to grow and prosper." Sam Iskander – Alexander Law Qld

"A fantastic eye opening and humble presentation on how to structure your present and future towards financial freedom." Patrick Petersson – Expressions of Lime Qld

"WOW! – Ideas--- totally focused!!!!" Nicole Petersson – Expressions of Lime Qld

"I have been attending the Money Game at least once year now since year 2000. Every session teaches me more and helps me improve my business. The Money Game is by far the best business/financial course I have attended in the past 30 years. Because of Chris Tolevsky my finances have improved hugely and the pathway to retirement is clear." Pippa Colman – Pippa Colman & Associates Mooloolaba Qld

"Wonderful overall information gathering seminar. Solved a lot of issues." Michael Savage – Stainless Steel Drainage & Civil Qld

"Thank you so much. A fantastic 2 days!!!" Janeele Giraldo – Win Financial Qld

"The 2 day seminar will pay for itself 100 times over even if I implement just one of these strategies and I have walked away with a list of 15 focused items that will protect, increase and leverage my wealth for ever. Chris & Fiona (George & Wayne)  thank you so much for your passion and commitment to help transform people’s lives." Helen Bichel – Wealth Recruitment Strategies Qld

"This consultation has helped me overcome the biggest hurdle in our business… FTI -  Failure to Implement… the consultation showed me business building strategies and how to make them work." Jason Cunningham – The Practice - Melbourne

"The consultation covered all the areas that we felt had to be improved on… most importantly the value of having systems in place so that our practice can function with or without us being there." Robert Hadded – The Practice - Melbourne

"Any practice can be made a success by simply applying the ideas and strategies outlined in the consultation. I have learnt how to work ON my business rather than just IN my business." Domenic Tempone – Nexus Accountants - Melbourne