How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

Most Business Owners and Professionals Pay More Tax than they are Legally Required to...
...You Don’t Have To Be One of Them!

Enjoy a better quality of life today and a comfortable retirement tomorrow, by legally paying LESS Tax! 

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Most Businesses and professionals are on top of the list of most over-taxed Australians .They also top the list of those who voluntarily pay more tax than they are legally required to pay because they don't always get pro-active advice from their accountants and advisers.

In addition to being crushed by ATO compliance red tape, increasing competition and a system bent upon squeezing the most dollars out of them every way possible, most business owners and professionals pay more tax than what is legally due.

Business owners and professionals are aware that they pay huge amounts of money in taxes. They just don’t know what to do about this problem. When they ask their  accountant, and financial adviser that how can they reduce their tax liabilities, they are either told that nothing more can be done or are advised to invest in products which cost a lot of money and in the long run only make others rich, producing uncertain and minimal tax benefits for the business owner. 


Paying too much tax is a condition which can be cured by proper planning and employing tax reduction strategies which are already being used by other high net worth individuals.

The key here is proactive tax planning and careful strategizing to minimize the tax burden legally by using an efficient accounting system, continuous monitoring of business income and expenses, and flawless implementation of the correct tax planning strategies. 

You can save up to half of what you pay in taxes every year by using ADVANCED tax saving strategies (which most accountants don't know about)

Legally reducing tax leads to an elevated bottom line, enhancement of your lifestyle, additions to your leisure time, and turbocharging your retirement savings by hitting hard on your tax over-payments. Something your present accountant, and advisors may not be doing for you.

Well, today I am please to say, you can obtain your personal cure for your tax pain!


Four Signs You Need A Second Opinion about your Tax Return right now...

  • Same accountant for years.
  • Just records expenses and files taxes.
  • Never discussed a tax plan that could cut your tax bill by up to half.
  • Does not approach you at least four times a year proposing ideas.

    You’re a successful business owner… but if you still find yourself not living the lifestyle of your peers, if you still struggle with debt—from school or starting/buying a business, probably this is because you are paying too much in tax.

    You love your work, but it takes ALL your time. You desperately need vacations and more family time to unwind from the stress. And even your long hours don’t give you enough to put away for a good retirement. Are over tax payments causing these problems?

    Wouldn’t it be a relief if you could keep more of the money you make? Your single greatest expense is your bill from the ATO.

    Our findings show that up to 95% of business owners, overpay their taxes by 10% to 50% would you want to find out where you stand on this tax over-payment scale?


    Fast, painless, easy… and GUARANTEED

    You are smart. You are busy. You don’t want to waste time as time is the most important commodity you have got. So cut the chase and find out how much you are overpaying in taxes.

    As a law abiding Australian taxpayer you have "The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax". Business owners do not get any brownie points by paying more tax than is legally due. Exercise this right granted by law and do not overpay tax.


    What clients have to say about us...

    "Chris is fantastic at not just compliance but forward looking strategies for building wealth. He is approachable and very knowledgeable and always happy to help." Dr Michael Chen - Ophthalmologist, Victoria

    "Chris Tolevsky have provided business and accounting support to our practice, and to me personally, for over 15 years now. Chris’s professional, accounting and taxation advice has contributed immensely to the efficiency and success of our business over this time. It is very reassuring to have Chris’s expertise and experience supporting our business – he is an integral member of our professional support team". Dr David Campbell  – Lakes Medical Centre 

    “There are two types of accountants for business owners , technical ones and strategic ones. Having a technical accountant looking after your accounts is 100% useless if you are following the wrong strategy in the first place. Chris is a Strategic Accountant that focuses on your strategy first and then follows through with the right technical aspects. It's why Chris has been my accountant for over 20 years and is more affordable than you think, especially when you realise how much money you have given away unknowingly through poor advice.”  George Bakrnchev - Red Day Coaching - QLD.

    Chris and the team at Tolevsky Partner  are professional, reliable and proactive! Chris understands business and unlike most accountants, actually guides you on the process of improving not only your personal finances, but your business finances and profitability. Nothing is too much of a problem and I love knowing that I have a fixed price service. Thanks Tolevsky Partners" Craig Steele - Physiotherapist 

    "I have been a client of Chris for more than 25 years and he still amazes me with his enthusiasm and passion. He embraces modern trends and his advice is always on the mark!"  Dr Ross Jeffery   –Melville Medical Centre 

    " Chris and the team have made my business far more productive with respect to my attitude, the management of my assets, and my understanding of business management. You have always made my quality of life far better than it would have been without your ever optimistic and supportive outlook. ...

    ...I have trusted your judgements and your advice, and have gained greatly from doing that. Your team is delightful, and they know what they are doing. You've always stayed ahead of the game and provided services in a timely and beneficial manner." Dr. Jane Greacan 


    Guaranteed Benefits of Free Tax & Financial Analysis

      1. The tax and financial analysis service being offered here is totally free and with no obligation to you. You risk nothing and stand to gain money that will change your life.
      2. You will avoid the stress of unknown. The anxiety of not knowing if you are in fact over paying in taxes and by how much will be relieved.
      3. You will have a better quality of life as you will have more money at your disposal. Take vacations, spend time with family and retire earlier.
      4. From now on you will only pay the taxes you legally owe… and not one cent more. 
      5. You may be even able to get back some of the money you overpaid in taxes in the past. 

    Don’t let more money slip through your fingers. Take action NOW!

    AlthoughI can’t guarantee what we’ll find in your practice because I know nothing about you ,I’ll be amazed if we don’t identify AT LEAST one opportunity to save you money. There’s not one person we’ve worked through the consultation with that HASN’T found ways to legally reduce their tax by at least $10,000 each and every year!

     So how can I do this?

    Well I’ve been a licensed tax agent for 25 years, I’ve “been in the trenches” with my clients “day in day out”, dealt with the tax department head on, “face to face”, all of those years and have adopted the attitude of being “proactive” to get my clients tax down.  

     Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the catch”?

    Well there are two catches.  Firstly, if we can show you how to reduce your tax, then you will seriously consider the services that we offer.

    Secondly, you must be in a position to make decisions about the future direction of your business or professional practice, with a minimum gross turnover of $500,000 and be totally committed to planning for your future.

     Now this doesn’t mean that you are obligated in any way. It DOES however, mean that you will at least consider what we have to offer. 

    How Can you Take Advantage of This Limited Offer?

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    Chris Tolevsky  B.Ec, CPA, FNTAA, Dip (F.P.) Registered Tax Agent. 52038/008

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