Business Training Programs

In addition to the Business Development Program we can also run facilitated training workshops for your team, based on your needs.

Towards Awesome Service

As the title suggests, this is a program that shows you how to deliver awesome customer service. It opens you up to a new way of working with your customers and clients, a way that makes you stand out from your competitors. Towards Awesome Service increases client retention, dramatically increases your profits and enhances your team's performance.

Phone Right First Impressions

Phone Right shows you and your team how to project a professional image over the telephone and make the most of every phone call. It turns more price enquiries into instant sales by showing your team how to discover the real needs of a potential client. The pay back is better sales conversion rates and therefore higher profits.

This program provides today’s small business manager with practical skills and knowledge to analyze and interpret the financial performance of a business. It also gives an understanding of how to use these skills to identify emerging problems. Particular emphasis is given to key performance indicator monitoring systems.

Building a Better Business

Everything we know about marketing and business development has been put together into this handy program for business owners to benefit from. The video based training program shows you how to get the essential basics of business right. Use the power of the four purposes of any business, have more fun and also increase profits. Create a unique core differentiator, systematise your business using performance standards.

Make Your Business Really Fly

The Make Your Business Really Fly system is a unique video workshop program that’s designed to help you build a business that really works! The inspiring video program features an ordinary bloke “Wally” who achieved amazing things with his business. Wally helps you evaluate the way you are currently running your business and helps you make the transition from an ordinary business into an extraordinary one.

Write Right

Write Right changes the way you look at writing by arming you with the knowledge, secrets and tactics used by the worlds best copywriters and advertising professionals. No matter how well you write, this information will dramatically increase the effectiveness of all of your written communication.

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